Welcome to Greenwich Steiner School

GREENWICH STEINER SCHOOL offers a dynamic and modern version of the Steiner Waldorf curriculum to provide an all-round education for children aged 3-14 years.

It is a small, successful independent school, located in the leafy Greenwich and Blackheath area of London.

We believe that in a fast-moving and competitive world we prepare our children best by first protecting and nurturing their childhood.

Learning is not rushed. It is experienced, explored and savoured. Children learn all the subjects of the national curriculum in a way which engenders creativity, resilience and a life long love of learning.

Our teaching integrates art, creativity, movement and music with academic learning, taking account of each stage of child development; teaching children in an order and with methods that best suit their age.

Our children become confident, sociable and able young people equipped to move on successfully to mainstream or other Steiner schools.
Our community encompasses families from diverse cultural, racial and socio-economic backgrounds. We offer a warm welcome to all regardless of culture, creed, race, gender, sexuality or disability and promote an ethos of mutual respect and tolerance for all.

“They are confident, articulate young people with high self-esteem who value both their own uniqueness and that of others” 

SIS on behalf of OFSTED 2014

“Receive the child with reverence. Educate them with love. Send them forth in freedom.”

Rudolf Steiner

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